Garvey Chui

Coach, Consultant, and Producer in New York, NY

Garvey is interested in engagement and accountability.

We have advanced too much with technology and intellect to not challenge setbacks to the positive advancement and direction of humanity.

Garvey made a living with rags and moonlighted at a bank. She’s heavily into rhizomes, and often spurts out stats on toilets and poo so that we can ensure girls can receive an education.

She enjoys being schooled by the young and mentored by the wise. She sits on boards and sleeps on a bed; although the city to which she lays her head down is always a mystery.

She loves life, is passionate about innovation, and is driven by the fear of having her grandchildren ask her why she didn't do something about the world when she knew she could.

...aka Nomiz, aka Garvz (with a Z!), aka the baby, travel, a good fight with a sandfilled bag and will perish without music...

  • Work
    • Co-founder of The Verb Group