Dr. Gary Kompothecras

Founder of 1-800AskGary in Siesta Key, Florida

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Patients of Dr. Gary Kompothecras adore him because he never stops short of providing them with the best care possible, even if that means shelling out cash for cutting-edge medical technology that can detect ailments missed by conventional examination methods. Patients are liberated from the stigma of a vague diagnosis of soft tissue injury. Patients without health insurance whose only compensation is through Florida's no-fault auto insurance, which gives benefits of $10,000, will be eternally grateful to him for streamlining the practice to deliver efficient and cost-effective treatment for auto accident victims.

Kompothecras is a dedicated professional who truly values his patients' well-being. After talking to many of his patients, he learned they did not know about the medical coverage provided by no-fault auto insurance. There were a lot of people who had been in accidents and weren't getting the medical attention they needed. This insight led to creation of the 1-800-ASK-GARY (1-866-939-4794) accident helpline, where callers can talk to a doctor or an attorney at no cost. Accident victims can count on Dr. Gary's assistance in securing their required medical attention.