Gary Alexander

Secretary of Health and Human Services in Providence, Rhode Island

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Gary Alexander RI Secretary of Health and Human Services, has been serving the community for over 15 years with a focus on healthcare and welfare reform. Gary Alexander is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and bringing about real, long term change for state programs all across the nation.

One of his greatest accomplishments of his professional career while working with the state of RI was the 2009 Rhode Island Global Waiver for health insurance. Gary Alexander implemented and directed all efforts and strategies leading up to the creation of the Waiver. This measure created unprecedented flexibility for the state to completely alter and redesign its health insurance program for the first time. It created groundbreaking results for:

-Improved Care Quality and Outcomes

-Improved Access to Care

-Lowered Public Costs

-Created More Choices for Recipients (Care Settings, Services, Benefits, Etc.)

During the first two years that the Global Waiver was put in place, nearly $100 million was saved and health insurance spending was kept billions of dollars below the initial spending limit.

Thanks to the efforts of Gary Alexander RI and his team, the Waiver has made a positive impact on the entire nation, now being used as a reform model in other states. This accomplishment for Gary Alexander has been recognized by many experts and well known publications including the Wall Street Journal as a model of entitlement reform, particularly related to health insurance.

To learn more about his career and accomplishments, check out Gary Alexander on Social Career Builder.

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