Gary L. Schreiner

Thriveologist, Coach, and Consultant in Worldwide

Gary L. Schreiner

Thriveologist, Coach, and Consultant in Worldwide

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Thriveology: The science of how people live kick-butt lives.

Hey Awesome People! I help professionals and business owners develop the mindset, habits, skills, passion and resilience to succeed in their professions and build vibrant, fulfilling lives.

Are You Merely Surviving in Life or are You Thriving?

Research backs up what many already know - it is time to redefine success. True success is not measured by how much money or power you have but by how full and meaningful your life is.

Compare this...

After a "successful" career where I ended up burning out and crashing into a wall (figuratively speaking), I realized life was passing me by. I was surviving day-to-day, but wasn't enjoying life - I wasn't thriving.

To this...

I've lived in the Land of the Rising Sun, walked the paths of the Mayans, played with monkeys in Honduras, enjoyed the atmosphere of Montreal, soaked in the music of Nashville and New Orleans, and meditated in the quiet forests of the Wasatch, Teton and Rocky Mountains. I've studied languages, cultures, law, psychology, neuroscience, communication, business, human performance, music and more. I've trained in hand-to-hand combat with some of the deadliest men and women on the planet. I know the joys of friends, family, children and an amazing wife. All this and there is still so much more to experience and enjoy in life.

It is possible to make a living while pursuing your passion and getting the most out of life.

So, now I'm working with other professionals and entrepreneurs to help them not only succeed in their business, but live kick-butt, "Dang I Love it!" lives they cherish every day.

I love to connect with other passionate, energetic professionals, so please reach out and together let's touch lives for the better. (Seriously, feel free to contact me)

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