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Restaurant Gasket Repair, Commercial Refrigerator Gaskets, and Cooler Door Gaskets in Pittsburgh

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We are the premier commercial refrigerator supply company in the Pittsburgh area and in many other cities nationwide. Our specialists have decades of experience supplying the highest quality refrigeration gaskets to restauranteurs and restaurant general managers. We only offer the best OEM and better than OEM commercial refrigeration gaskets for our clients. Many gaskets wear out in just a few months, but ours can last for many years even in the highest volume restaurants. We also provide free inventory and database management services with easy ordering and reordering with the tag right inside the refrigerator door. There is no middleman in this process so we can offer the best pricing. We also have a very quick turnaround time so we can accommodate your most urgent need.

Address : 409 Parkway View Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15205, United States

Toll Free: 1-800-790-9284

Fax: 1-412-787-2155

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