Sara Gause

Physician Assistant and Health Coach in Arvada, Colorado

Hello! I'm Sara Gause, wife to the man of my dreams, mother of soon to be 5 amazing blessings, oncology Physician Assistant, and Health Coach.

I understand the emotional roller coaster ride of cancer. Every step from the moment you heard the dreaded "C" word, to the moment you completed treatment, has been laid out for you. Now, suddenly, without warning, treatment is over and you've been set free.

So why doesn't is feel like freedom?

Why are you riddled with fear, anxiety and confusion?

Where do you begin in trying to find the resources and information you need to rebuild your life?

From these ashes of desperation, hopelessness and fear, Awaken CARE was born.

I’ve combined over 15 years of oncology training, experience and health coaching into a beautiful, personalized program that will help you pick up the pieces of your life.

I’m ready to help you reclaim your life and build a future that exceeds even your wildest hopes and dreams. I’ve scoured the sea of information available (some good, some bad) and combined that with my years of hands on experience, to bring you the curated, proven methods and systems that will move you from cancer survivor into THRIVER!

Come on this beautiful journey with me. I can’t wait for you to AWAKEN the full, complete, restored you.


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