Jack Knife Lorry

London UK

I like (in no paticular order); cycling, running, wild swimming, classic VW cars, vinyl toys, urban art, modern art, London, Paris, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Lee Vining, St Davids, most of Cornwall, Devon, London again, flying traction kites on beaches, dog walking, Richmond Park, gadgets, Tom Waits, Pop Will Eat Itself, Jaws, 70's movies in general, anime, Vertigo comics, Grunge, Sub Pop. Punk, fast food, slow food, rustic restaurants, diners, IPA, stout, Dub Step, House Music, Folk, New Folk, Industrial, gangster movies, horror movies, photography, the moon, Kid Robot, Huck Gee, Tupac Cat, Zero Friends, Jamie Hewlett, Dr Who, Sherlock Holmes, Cop Shows, Sci Fi, and other stuff...

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