Geannette Wittendorf

Philanthropist, Humanitarian, and Sports Enthusiast in Boston, MA

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Geannette Wittendorf is a proud supporter of the Olympics.She is inspired by the courageous efforts of Olympians on the American and German athletic teams. A lifelong hockey fan, she considers herself a sports aficionado. The sense of teamwork and camaraderie found on athletic teams is incredibly motivational to Wittendorf. She is a firm believer in the idea that sports are empowering and therapeutic. She volunteers her time and effort to benefit youth athletic leagues and programs whenever possible. In particular, she is a proud supporter of USA Hockey. She alsosupports the Special Olympicsand attends the events every year in New England. She has served as a Volunteer over the years and hopes to work towards coaching a local Special Olympics hockey team. The Special Olympics live and breathe the notion that anyone can participate in athletic programs. Geannette Wittendorf believes that inclusive mindsets are the foundation of success in sports. By working with Special Olympics, USA Hockey and other organizations that benefit athletes, she hopes to exemplify that belief. In the future, she plans on working towards partnering up with other philanthropists to found a charity that will empower disadvantaged youths through athletic programs.

Outside of her charitable work, Geannette Wittendorf is passionate about uncovering the historical tales of her German background. The culture, art and history of Germany fascinates her. She hopes to one day visit the town of Wittendorf, Germany, a location with which she shares a name. In preparation for her international travel, she studies the German language in her down time. She hopes to tie her love of sports and German culture together in a larger way in the future.