Genevieve de Lacaze

Consultant, Coach, and Trainer in London, United Kingdom

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When I was little, I wanted to be "like the nice ladies on the plane", a "tennis champion" or a "businesswoman who ends poverty". Guess how I turned out?

Well. Poverty is still kicking, no Grand Slam trophy has my name on it and let's face it, working on a plane isn't as glamorous as it used it to be (despite those sexy Virgin adverts). But all is not lost...

Connecting with people from different backgrounds and cultures is truly enriching. So you might see me on a plane, but merely enjoying the view.

I love tennis. It's a game that improves your motor, mental and emotional skills all at once. So I enjoy coaching this beautiful sport (less in winter but still..)

I've lived and worked in several countries on many social and business projects but I've always questioned the ultimate impact that we make. Now as a Social Impact & Training Design consultant, I specialise in Lifelong Learning to accelerate change and Systems Thinking for systemic change. I set up GDL Transitions, collaborating with others who also love to work on mission-driven projects, start-ups or scale-ups, whether in education, sustainability, economics, health or technology.

I love to create platforms that connect people and projects. I am particularly fond of people who challenge the status quo and defy stereotypes. If you are one of those, I would love to hear from you.


MY NICKNAME: Aloe Vera or French Toast. I am told that these denote my "soothing" and "delightful" nature (rather than, I am relieved, a prickly and stale one).

WHAT'S THAT ACCENT? A bit of a mystery to me, too. French is ma langue maternelle, I speak fluent English, bueno Spanish, ein bischen German and dare I say, Chinese Mandarin (early days, xiexie).

FINAL WISH: I am an animal lover, and the day I swim with dolphins I can die happy.

  • Work
    • Author. Speaker. Media Presenter. Coach. Uplifter.
  • Education
    • Université de Rouen