Gene Giron

Student, Volunteer, and Editor in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Practical, logical, and decisive, I have a solid grasp of the realities of life and work. Robust and straightforward, I am not one to split hairs over academic concepts and 'maybes,' preferring instead the sure and steady approach. I tend to produce impressive results by proceeding from the belief that "one fact, firmly in hand, is better than 10 flimsy 'maybes' in the sky." This systematic, factual, and objective approach to problems renders how I am well-equipped to carry responsibilities and to make sure that everything is in order and everything is completed on time. I can at times be perceived as being quite demanding of others, but in fairness, I ask nothing of others that I do not also ask of yourself. Organized, systematic, and thorough, the world would not be such a messy place if more people thought like me.

  • Work
    • Royal Canadian Air Cadets