Genevieve Beaulieu

STUDENT: I'm an Aviation Management major at FIT. In high school, I was on a FIRST Robotics team starting out in the technical areas, but my junior year I was the business lead and senior year I was a captain on a team of 100 people. To me, FIRST was more about strategy and operations within a technical program. I started as a dual-major in Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering but finally admitted I chose that for the money. I built up the courage to tell everyone in my life that although it was a safe choice, there was something I loved even more. I couldn't be happier with that decision! I found where I'm supposed to be and love it!

WRITER: In high school I contributed to my high school and local newspapers while writing press releases for our robotics team. Because of noting that experience in college applications, I was offered to blog for FIT. Some contacts started passing along my work through social media so I've been offered opportunities with more readership, some including paid travel. I now blog for AOPA and recently launched my own blog where I'm passionate about sharing life stories so I can help and inspire others with the life I go through. Writing has allowed me to progress professionally and access some unique opportunities.

PROFESSIONAL: My first job was when I was 17 on a U.S. Senate campaign. I looked for any job, walked down every near street, applied everywhere, and got no calls. It was time to try something different. I volunteered for a campaign and after two weeks of showing them how I worked, I met with a campaign manager and said "I can either get a normal teen job at a food chain and my time will be limited, or you can pay me I can keep helping". It worked! I was Volunteer Coordinator, then when a new office opened, an Office Coordinator. What I learned and the people I got to meet was insane. I was livin' the high life for my age :). The next summer I landed an engineering internship with BAE Systems, a defense contractor, and was an intern for a Presidential campaign. This summer I went back to BAE and also work weekends at East Coast Aero Club to help fund my pilot training.

LOVER OF LIFE: It's simple, I love life! The ups, learning from the downs, the glorious people in my life. I go to college where people vacation, I have support of family, friends, and sorority sisters. I experience as much as I can take time to take in all the beauty and excitement. I live beautifully and am thankful for what I have.