Genius Jones

Genius Jones, as a young child, was stranded on a desert island. All he had was 734 books. Jones read every book, memorizing every bit of information from them. He ultimately burned the books to attract the attention of a passing ship. Once back in civilization (Baltimore, MD) he set himself up as a Hip Hop producer who made beats and solved crimes for dimes of weed. He has no superpowers, just vinyl records and a very advanced lab.

Everett Nigma was hired by Genius Jones to help solve crimes, specifically "The Case of The Golden Culture". In this now world-famous mystery, the era of music known as Hip-Hop, mysteriously vanished without a trace. Being a former marijuana smuggler from the 80's, Everett Nigma used his skills as a salesmen to infiltrate the underworld of the entertainment industry and found damning evidence that linked major entertainment figures with the stolen culture. However, Everett Nigma's cover was blown. Unaware that a former colleague had turned informant, he was invited to an "industry" party where he was planned to be executed. As he was led into the party, a pistol was aimed at his head from behind and he was shot. The news that circulated throughout the media was that Everett Nigma, in a state of depression and rampant drug use, took his own life in front of a crowd of entertainment execs and a host of "A-list" entertainers. Even more shocking was that the ambulance called to remove his body was found abandoned a few miles away. No one knows what happened to Everett Nigma or his body for that matter. However, people claim they see him at local hip-hop shows and concerts, smoking blunts, and speaking out about the negative influences forced upon the black youth, the Hip-Hop culture, and the world population. It has also been reported that Everett Nigma's voice have been heard on various musical projects produced by Genius Jones. The investigation into his disappearance is still ongoing by close associates, but has been closed officially by authorities.