Designer, Editor, and Social Media Manager in Bangsar South, Malaysia

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Hey, there...i'm Gen.

Non-Profit Marketing, Communications & Design Octopoid and Resident Storyteller focusing on Social Media / Online Presence and Branding in an International Non-Profit Organisation in Brickfields, KL and I'm living in Bangsar South, KL.

I majored in Tourism and Hospitality Management but originally wanted to major in Architecture or Product Design. I could not afford the degrees when I was offered. After graduating, I studied Graphic Design from Adobe Evangelists through, videos, blogs and manuals online. Initially I learned it to update my knowledge in Publishing while i was working as a Content Manager. I discovered I could pursue a career in it later and decided to continue studying on my own with support from Designer friends.

Working in a Non-Profit Organisation exposed me to Non-Profit Communications and showed me a purpose to achieve in a similar field. Design is a vast area of work where creativity and attunement is key. Through design, I want to help make the world a little more sustainable to live in, and our lives as humans a little more resilient.

I'm enthusiastic in pursuing a career closely related to the spectrum of Visual Communication Design, Transmedia Storytelling, Design Innovation, Integrated Design, Transition Design, Social Impact Design, Systems Thinking & Practice, Human Centred Design, Co-Design, and Design Philosophy.

I am also a remote-based Volunteer Concept and Graphic Designer for a youth branch of the Regional Chapter of the Non-Profit Organisation i am working in. They are based in Hong Kong.

Working for social causes for several years can drain a person's spirit if there is no balance. I learned authenticity, mindfulness, resilience and equanimity as I pursued my goals for the past decade. To reflect and be attuned to my surroundings is also key to keep my strange creativity intact. I listen to audio-books, talk to strangers, edit music video stories for friends, write stories and poetry, for practice and to pass time.

I am currently taking MOOC online classes part-time for courses related to my area of work. I hope to be able to pursue full time study one day the my areas of interest and come back helping the community better.

If you have read until this point, there must be something we could relate with. If a renegade mindset and resilient character is what your team needs, let's talk.

  • Work
    • The YMCA of Kuala Lumpur
  • Education
    • UPEACE - Designing for Social Innovation & Leadership
    • MARA University of Technology - Tourism Management