Alexey Zheleznov

Hi! I am currently a Head of Grant projects support office at Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia.

I am a graduate geographer (B.Sc., 2006) at the St. Petersburg State University and a graduate marine ecologist (M.Sc., 2009) at the Joint German-Russian English-speaking Master Program "POMOR: Applied polar and marine sciences" of University of Bremen and St. Petersburg State University. I majored in Marine Geomorphology as an undergraduate at St. Petersburg State University. My master dissertation focused interactions between geological, geographical and climatological processes of modern evolution of seabed conditions of Northern Baffin Bay and adjacent areas (under supervision of Prof. R. Stein from Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany, and Dr. Y. Musatov from St. Petersburg State University, Russia). During my Master's degree, I began teaching part-time at Department of Geomorphology in 2008. My PhD proposal is about the geomorphological structure of oceanic core complexes (OCC's) formation at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Also I am currently a junior researcher of the laboratory "Palaeogeography and geomorphology of polar countries and the World Ocean" led by paleoceanographer Prof. Dr. Joern Thiede. Vice-Head of this Lab U/Th-geochronologist Prof. Dr. Vladislav Kuznetsov is my supervisor. Our interdisciplinary laboratory offers a wide range of possibilities for international oceanographers, geochronologists, palaeogeographers and geologists to start a productive cooperation with St. Petersburg State University, the oldest institution of higher education in Russia. I have experience of participation in 4 marine expeditions onboard of CCGS"Hudson" (August-September 2008, Baffin Bay, Labrador sea, UQAM, Canada), R/V "Professor Logachev" (May-July 2011, 13N-19N area, MAR, PMGE, Russia), R/V "Atlantis" (June-July 2012, Equatorial MAR, WHOI, USA) and R/V "Knorr" (May-June 2013, Equatorial NMAR, WHOI, USA).

Now I am a very motivated junior researcher interested in learning more about OCC's highs. I look forward to communicating with all of you who might be interested in this topic.