Geoff Arden

Company Founder in Hahei, New Zealand

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The story of Greencane started in 2009 when Geoff came across a local forest being felled for pulp which coincided with his discovery of bagasse – a tropical product made from recycled sugarcane and bamboo, and which can be used to replace up to 70% of the timber typically found in paper products.

“We grow trees for 20 to 30 years that end up as pulp which is the lifeblood of the toilet paper industry,” said Geoff. “It’s just wrong when you have a sustainable alternative that takes just one year to grow.”

“I launched Greencane as a change initiative, it was never as much about starting a business as it was about asking the question: why is so much valuable timber going into low value products like toilet paper and paper towels ?”

Fast forward to today when Greencane Paper products can be found stocked in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the UK.

Geoff’s everyday mantra of “living lightly” has become something that shapes his personal actions and guides the direction he sees for the future of Greencane Paper.

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