Geoff Barrall

Board Member and Executive in San Jose, California

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I’ve always enjoyed building new businesses having founded my first right out of university in the early nineties. Over the last twenty years I’ve had a lot of great learning experiences and several hard knocks. If you’re in the process of building a business I’d welcome the chance to talk.

Companies Founded

Connected Data, Drobo (Data Robotics), BlueArc, Network Alliance, VCI Systems

Board Memberships

Drobo (Chairman), Imation (Public), GridStore (Chairman), Nexsan Technologies (sold to Imation), StaffConnect (Sold to K1), Nevex (sold to Intel), Data Robotics, Tacit Networks (sold to Packeteer), BlueArc (sold to Hitachi), Network Alliance (private sale), VCI Systems (private sale)

Main Advisory Board Memberships

Data Domain (sold to EMC), Octiga Bay (sold to Cray), NeoPath Networks (sold to Cisco), Pancetera (sold to Quantum), BlueArc (sold to Hitachi)

Positions Served

CEO (9yrs), VP Engineering (4yrs), COO (2yrs), CTO (3yrs), VP Marketing (2yrs), VP Services, various short stints in Operations

Venture Capital Raised : $240M

16 Patents on Key Technologies