Geoff McNeely

Scanner in Seattle, Washington

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I believe in a holistic, people-driven approach to communicating technology benefits and leveraging them for social change in startups, in communities, and corporate social responsitility initiatives. My domain expertise lies in strong data analysis skills and the ability to generate ideas and execute these ideations with the greatest impact potential. My work synthesizes the impact of technology and failure on start-up ventures and focuses on how humans can leverage personal failure to create the world they dream to inhabit.

Family Dude

Father of three. Husband of one. I believe convenience is the enemy of connection.

Mystic and Student
Driven by the Oracle within, I seek Patterns, study Freemasonry, and embrace Exploration in all its forms. As a student of human consciousness, ancient wisdom traditions and Eastern martial arts, I practice what I preach and live, and live out my tenets in all aspects of my life and work, as one.