George F Brockman

A problem solver and idea generator whether the issues are technical or business. I build plans and control the execution of those plans. Bringing the ability to maximize performance in technical team members.

I started programming in 1978 thanks to the geniuses at Radio Shack and their little TRS-80. We mock it now, but it was breathtakingly cool at the time.

At the beginning of the 1990s I went from hobby programmer to professional IT (Data Process in those days). Coached by great mentors I turned from hack and copy and paste programming to the beginnings of application development.

In the early 2000's I discovered the world of quality improvement and business processes. Learning statistical analysis and tools such as Six Sigma, I quickly applied those practices to improve how I approached all projects.

Two opportunities came at the end of the first decade of 2000 - I was able to serve at IT manager for a SaaS company providing expense management help, and later Director of IT for a long range medical transport company. The experience in both have been tremendous and allowed me to build on the best of each of the skill sets gained earlier in my career.

Rather than a technical manager with business skills, I focus on business management with technical expertise. In Information Technology, it is the Information that is key, not the technology.

I have even proudly served as Director of IT for an international medical travel company. I have been able to enhance systems, marshal in the mobile platform, and bring service focus to the IT department. I have served the company here in the US as well as our Hong Kong base of operations.

I most recently served as Vice President of Technology for ADTRAV where we specialize in customer satisfaction in business, personal and goverment travel. Where the sound heard in the halls is the "voice of the customer".