George Cacioppo

Software Engineer in San Diego, California

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George Cacioppo has been a leading force in the software engineering and technology business since his inception in 1978. Even though he was born and raised in the East Coast's Suffolk County, New York, Cacioppo now makes the West Coast his home. He and his family are settled in the San Diego area of California. Since the beginning of his career, Cacioppo has been a visionary and a driving force behind innovation and constant progress. Cloud-based, high-capacity consumer digital commerce, media, and gaming are among his many areas of expertise, and he has regularly shown his abilities in all three.
Hazeltine Industrial Products Division hired Software Engineer Cacioppo in 1978 in Greenlawn, New York. While working as a custom coder, he worked on numerous projects. Of the end of his four years as a Software Engineer, George Cacioppo became the Engineering Manager at Digital Equipment Corporation (USA). He was able to efficiently oversee the delivery of typeface products for X-Windows-based desktop solutions because of the substantial knowledge he had gained from his prior employment. To ensure the quality and release of various television terminals as well as printing items including complex software, he devised numerous methods and processes.

He is a senior vice president at Adobe.

George Cacioppo was promoted to the position of Vice President of Software Development at Adobe for Postscript because of his past experience dealing with sophisticated PostScript laser printers. Cacioppo worked at PostScript from April 1992 to February 2004 and was instrumental in shaping the company's strategy, product development, and revenue growth. In 1984, PostScript was released as the first device-independent Page Description Language (PDL) as well as a programming language for the desktop publishing revolution. For more than a decade, Cacioppo worked tirelessly to make PostScript the greatest RIP technology for commercial and office printing. Engineering for up to 40 global OEM accounts earned over $200 million in revenue under his direct supervision