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Buying and selling home in the United States

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Buying or selling a home can be a very stressful endeavor, as the real estate market has become increasingly complex and competitive in recent years. Buyers and sellers often feel overwhelmed by the time-frame and complexity of a typical purchase or sale, not to mention the paperwork required. Mr. Campolo uses his experience, knowledge, and personal skills to explain things in plain English, keep it simple, and put his clients at ease. His meticulous attention to detail protects sellers and purchasers alike from problematic events and costly errors that only an experienced agent knows how to avoid.

Whether he’s working with first-time buyers, experienced sellers, or anything in between, Mr. Campolo is a compassionate guide and a fierce advocate for his clients. As talented as he is with the financial side of real estate, his favorite part of the job is witnessing the successful purchase of a first home and the joy that comes with it – luckily, he’s had many opportunities to do so.

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