George Chen

sageby creates a new payment mode - instead of paying using money, you now pay using waiting time

Since his days in primary school, George has shown keen interest in 'business'. From selling erasers to trading cards, he has learnt the dynamics of 'buy cheap sell expensive', the principle of EOS from a young age, and experienced risk taking when a law-abiding senior (primary 6) prefect caught and took his name down for business without license. Since then, he has also tried to help his dad's polythene business by selling packets of straws to his friends (through his invention of straw pop-bombs) and squeezing the most out of friendships.

He later moved on to an online business, in the case of MMORPGs where he changed the objective of the game from having fun to purely earning virtual credits. Now, for the serious stuff:

He co-founded Sageby with the idea of bringing instant free cab rides to people. Ultimately, the vision of Sageby is to give people the instant gratification of paying using their waiting time wherever they are.

Having not yet earned his first dollar, he saw money merely an enabler to do greater things. His ambition in life is to create a sustainable Dog Tech Fund where technology meets education in changing the welfare of abandoned and abused dogs. He searches constantly of people who shares the same passion, and works towards this day whereby animal abuse is eradicated.

Fast forward to today, his ambitions has expanded beyond dogsto all animals.He has recently become a vegetarian, and is on his way being a vegan. Having volunteered at shelters locally, in Malaysia, and in Thailand, he's all geared to transit from voluntarism to championing proactivism, and poised to set up his own animal shelter - just waiting for the opportune time and resources.