George Freundlich

Retired Medical Doctor and Musician in Canada

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Dr. George V. Freundlich is a retired medical doctor and career musician from Matheson, Ontario. He is the former Medical Director, Chief of Staff and Active Staff Emertius at Bingham Memorial Hospital where he performed emergency room coverage care, also owned a family practice.

Born in Romania, George left his home country for Canada in 1985. Prior to leaving, he received his BA in Fine Arts in 1975 with a specialization in classical music. At the time he completed his studies, he had mastered three musical instruments. Then, he turned his attention to the medical field and graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj, Romania in 1982.

In 1986, George passed en francais the McCee Exam at The Medical Council of Canada in Montreal. He moved to Newfoundland and started his medical work as a Junior House Officer. He then became AMO - Assistant Medical Officer, then District Medical Officer and finally by 1990, he was appointed Senior Medical Officer, the highest title a doctor can achieve in Newfoundland.

In 1989 he obtained his Canadian Citizenship under unusual circumstances.

He became known as “the flying doctor” for his work at Harbour Breton Hospital, the most isolated hospital in Newfoundland, because he had to travel by boat and helicopter for scheduled clinics and emergencies both day and night. In 1999, George Freundlich was ranked among the top 15 physicians across Canada, and shortly after, became the youngest person to be selected into a dictionary of the “who is who” of the top figures and personalities of the City of Cluj, Romania.

For his work as a dedicated physician, generous philanthropist, and impressive cultural activities locally and internationally, George has been awarded with the prestigious International Humanitarian, Philanthropist and Cultural Ambassador award, from the Government of Romania and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In addition to making regular donations to charities, food banks, local museums, Society of MS, Orchestras Canada and many more, George is a benefactor of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York.

A career musician, he was a member of the award winning Timmins Symphony Orchestra (trombone) and the Timmins All Star Big Band (trombone, saxophone). He retired from the Orchestra in 2019, and continues to play with the All Star Big Band.

Dr. George Freundlich enjoys travelling and has visited over 100 countries on all 7 continents. He is recognized as “a citizen of the world.”