George Gemeinhardt

Retired Manufacturing Manager in Northfield, Illinois

George Gemeinhardt, enjoying his retirement in Northfield, IL, has an inspiring history as a Manufacturing Manager. His career is a classic example of the American dream, realized through dedication to work, education, faith, and community involvement. He's embracing a quieter life, engaging in hobbies, and spending time with his loved ones.

He was born in Chicago in 1954, where values of self-belief and ambition shaped his early life. He started his educational journey in local schools, developing a strong affinity for Illinois and its community spirit. This path led him to Lane Tech Preparatory College, which is recognized for steering young students toward success. He was exposed to various educational programs at Lane Tech, fostering an understanding of multiple industries and the importance of extracurricular activities. His love for music was kindled here, prompting him to pursue further education at Roosevelt University's Chicago Musical College, where he gained recognition for his musical prowess.

Upon realizing the limited prospects in the music industry, he shifted his career focus to a more traditional field. This decision brought him to NN Inc., a prominent precision assembly manufacturer. His career at NN Inc. saw him rise through the ranks, playing a vital role in the company's growth from a national to an international enterprise, now employing a significant workforce worldwide. His role in the company's expansion, combining industry expertise with lean manufacturing principles, was crucial, especially in strategic acquisitions and setting consignment warehouses for significant clients.

  • Education
    • Roosevelt University's Chicago Musical College
    • Lane Tech preparatory college