Georgina Lester

Writer, Artist Designer, and Coach in the United Kingdom

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I am an ideas person and love the adventure and the journey of exploring innovation and inspiring creativity. I follow the philosophy that where there is a real passion to achieve something there is invariably a way to get there. It is just a case of looking to see what resources are readily available and how best to use them taking the shortest possible route to achieve our goals.

Brainstorming and creative problem solving, regardless of the industry we work in, is food for my soul. I have a curiosity about the power of attention - when we pay attention to something, does that investment breathe life into it? Does paying attention to particular things reward us in the way that they should? Is there money in attention? Are we moving into an attention economy?

Working as an internet marketing consultant and personal branding & business mentor for specialist niche businesses, I welcome connections from anyone anywhere. Most especially if they are doing something exciting and inspiring. The picture is one of mine taken with a Canon Eos SLR. They are just grasses and dandelion clocks in my paddock at home.