Geraldine Hepp

Artist, Community Director, and Co-founder in Berlin

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Artist | Global Community Director at Amani Institute | Co-founder at EAST

Connect - Create - Transform

In my art work I interrogate the poetic life through various mediums. Currently working on a film exploring our relationship to aging, death, beauty and the power of presence.

In my work with Amani Institute I look at the intersection of personal and social change and how it relates to each other through our program 'the Inner Journey of the Changemaker'. As part of the founding team I have seen the Institute from start-up to scaling phase, launching on 3 continents, designing and delivering leadership trainings for over 500 professionals from 60 different countries and innovation programs for cultural hubs and organizations around the world. As Amani's Global Community Director I currently work with our expanding network and community of changemakers and partners across the globe.

As co-founder and creative director at EAST - East African Soul Train I create catalytic experiences for and with artists and culture-makers that lead to collaboration, artistic growth and deep dialogue across boundaries. The work is considering, exploring and re-contextualizing entangled histories and potential futures while anchoring our embodied experience firmly in the magic of now.

I enjoy building - and being part of - communities that have the courage and moral imagination to envision a world rooted in love and aligned with our highest potential as humanity. My work is centered around crafting inclusive, transformative and restorative experiences. The hope is to generate common ground amongst people from across different sectors, backgrounds and beliefs to elevate our consciousness and shared realities.

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    • Humboldt University Berlin
    • Freie Universität Berlin
    • IPSB Culver City
    • Musicians Institute Los Angeles
    • ECLA of BARD