Gerard Saguto

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Gerard Saguto is an a capella choral music singer and music blogger. An all-around music aficionado, Saguto maintains an impressive collection of the best choral music albums by a capella groups from all over the world. With his own group Saguto Music, the a capella singer and songwriter channels his creative energy into songs that seek to uplift and empower others. A strong advocate for mental health awareness, Saguto is passionate about the power of turning to music as a creative and emotional outlet. In particular, he supports Music for Mental Health: a Portland, Oregon based mental health awareness and creative effort that coordinates concerts as fundraisers for worthy causes.

On his music blog, Gerard Saguto shares the best choral music albums and reviews top a cappella albums out today. Fully immersed in the a capella music scene on a global scale, Saguto has been lucky enough to perform with some of the most talented singers from around the world. The opportunity to review their discography and feature the best choral music of today is a treat to Saguto! Over the years, he has accumulated a large collection of physical music releases, including vinyl records, cassette tapes and a plethora of CDs.