Gergely Polonkai

Software Engineer and Consultant in Veresegyház, Magyarország

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Coding since 1994. Creating and managing Linux-based systems since 1998. Using Linux as a primary desktop since 1999. Being a child forever.

I like to discover new things and I like to teach them to others. I like to break things and then fix them. I like my job. I like to play. I can turn the pancake in the air. I consider everything a game so I can remain calm even in the tightest emergencies. I believe in the future even if I won’t see it happening, so I help shaping it wherever I can.

I can flip the pancake in the air.

I believe one can only achieve success if they follow their own instincts, and listen to but not bend under others’ opinion. If you change your course just because someone says so, you are following their instincts, not yours.

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