Gerry Murray

Founder & CEO in Brussels, Belgium

Gerry Murray

Founder & CEO in Brussels, Belgium

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"It is rare to come across such an experienced talent like Gerry. His ability to get participants engaged in his workshops and to communicate complex processes in a simple way is outstanding." - John Di Stefano (Founder Entrepreneur Academy & Community Officer at PTPI Hub Brussels)

"Gerry is the most inspiring coach, trainer, public speaker and professional communicator I have ever come across so far. Any organisation which needs motivating its employees or keeping an event’s audience engaged and entertained must get in touch with Gerry." - Coralia Catana (European Commission)

Your First Consultation is FREE!

Drawing on my diverse background in business, performance, music, theatre, sport, teaching, public speaking, coaching and personal development I work with individuals and teams who want to perform at their best in a wide variety of contexts.

I combine expertise in Communication, Learning, Change & Talent Diagnostics with the latest findings in Neuroscience, Behavioural Economics and Psychology to build learning & development programs, workshops and keynote speeches that produce tangible results.

I'm frequently asked to help with so-called difficult people or dysfunctional teams.

Available for Keynotes, Workshops, Team Development Programs, Career Coaching, Breakthrough Coaching, Executive Coaching, Training, Facilitation, Chairing Conferences, Public Speaking Training, One-on-one sessions...

Representing Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions - sophisticated software diagnostics and tools for clearer career direction, and better people & talent management.

Training Courses include:

- Personal Effectiveness & Performing at Your Best

- Communication Skills

- Presenting/Public Speaking

- Collaboration & Team Performance

- Sales & Negotiation

- Influencing Skills

- Interviewing Skills

- The Manager as Coach

- Train the Trainer

- Stress Management & Resilience

- Productivity

- Better Decision Making

- Creativity


- Career Management

- How to Build Online Courses

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