Geoffrey Barber

Perth, Western Australia

Geoff has been researching family history since about 1983.

The advances in technology and more affordable travel to archive offices in Sussex and Kent have enabled Geoff to publish his first book "Barber alias Nynne: Five Hundred Years of Family History in Rotherfield, Tonbridge and Brighton" in 2014. The book is a fine example of how the combination of church records, manorial records and legal documents can be used to learn about our ancestors in England in the very early periods of the 1500s - 1700s.

His interest in the mandolin led to a second book in 2016: "The West Australian Mandolin Orchestra: Our First 40 Years 1976-2016" which included a history of the mandolin in Australia. His most recent book "Manorial Records for Family Historians" was published in 2017 by Unlock the Past.

  • Work
    • Family Historian, Bed and Breakfast Owner Operator
  • Education
    • B.Sc (Hons), Grad.Dip.Comp., Dip. FP