Gary T. Grigg

Turfgrass Agronomist in Ashton, Idaho

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Gary Grigg holds a B.S. in Agriculture and Entomology from Utah State University and an M.S. in Agronomy from Michigan State University.

Gary's journey through the Golf Course industry has taken him from the potato fields of Idaho to dozens of golf construction sites worldwide, to the boardroom of one of the turfgrass industries most successful superintendent-driven companies as a co-founder and chief agronomist of Grigg Brothers – now owned by Brandt Consolidated, Inc. and simply known as GRIGG™.

He has built or helped build dozens of courses, maintained a bunch more, earned Certified Golf Course Superintendent (CGCS) status for 8 consecutive 5-yr terms from the GCSAA, honored by BIGGA with a Master Greenkeeper (MG) certification, served as president of GCSAA, spoken at a gazillion turf conferences, received numerous awards, served on countless association boards, and generally leads an interesting life. Gary is a respected Husband, father, grandfather, mentor, speaker, author, and friend.

If Gary is not working, you will have to find out which River or Salt Flat he is fly fishing!