Gregori GHITTI

CIO in Liège, Belgique

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I'm a computer scientist with more than 15 years experience on several fields finance, law and healthcare and I worked in many countries (Belgium, UK and some missions around the world). I'm addicted in development since my first script in Basic in 1991 and in general in the last technologies!

My interests are the project management, Python, PHP, AI, data science, blockchain, healthcare. I have a very good contact with other ITs, clients or end-users. To stay up to date (yes, I'm curious), I invest numerous hours researching and learning technologies that best fit the task at work.

I enjoy solving complex IT puzzles and see how pieces of an application can fit together. And determine a plan, a strategy, an architecture (more generic possible), to make a successful application and usable for a very long term.

Currently, I'm IT Director at OncoDNA where I manage a team of 15 peoples and high tech developments, with the goal to find the best treatment to help patient to fight the cancer.

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