Sourav Ghosh

Software Engineer and Program Leader in Bengaluru, India

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Lesser humanoid, fancies himself as a programmer.

I'm proud to be an Indian.

By profession, I do code analysis and development. Yet another passionate software engineer, innovating new ideas and helping existing ideas to mature.

Otherwise, I like Soccer (to watch), Music (to listen) and foods (to cook and eat). Reading books is a favorite pass-time for me. Fond of ethical hacking and reverse engineering. Want to explore new technical fields which can serve the human race to make our earth more beautiful and sustainable. When not working, I roam around Bangalore in search of good places to eat.

Sometimes, I lurk around the online communities related to programming and try to help fellow people out there.

  • Work
    • Software Development
  • Education
    • Technical Graduate
    • West Bengal University of Technology