Gilad Ronat

Software Engineer in California

Gilad Ronat

Software Engineer in California

Hi there, I’m Gilad! 👋

I’m a self-taught iOS developer, freelancing remotely since iOS 6. Currently on my last travel leg after taking a leave of absence from Computer Science at Cal Poly.

I love to learn. Typically I do that by designing and building products that solve problems I run into; anything that bothers anyone is a solvable problem.

About me:

- I love volunteering and attending conferences (typically iOS) around the world 🌍

- I partly use it as an excuse to travel all around to meet old & new friends 💖

- I contracted with Realm transcribing and editing iOS & Android conference talks (here) 

- Learning is both the process and the goal 📚

- When I’m not traveling or working, I love playing (or hacking and macroing) video games, listening to EDM, snowboarding, and reading articles 🎮

- I’m seeking a contract or full-time opportunities as an iOS engineer 📱

Send me an email (me[at], or just @giladronat on Twitter.

Full resume on LinkedIn, excluding private (NDA) client work.

  • Work
    • Freelance iOS Developer
  • Education
    • Cal Poly San Luis Obispo College of Engineering