Gilda Mullette

A dancer with experience performing throughout the world, Gilda Mullette began her career by attaining a thorough education in the arts. As a teenager, she attended the American Ballet Theatre on scholarship. Located on Broadway in New York City, the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) holds a reputation for producing world-class dancers. After training at ABT, Gilda Mullette pursued studies at the New York City Ballet and the Juilliard School.

Having learned a great deal in her native country, Gilda Mullette traveled to London, where she received training at The Royal Ballet. She performed at the Paris Opera and then traveled throughout the world, dancing in such far-flung places as Monte Carlo, South America, Russia, and eastern Europe. In her varied career, Ms. Mullette has performed on Broadway, at the White House, and for the Shah of Iran.

While dance occupied an essential place in her artistic life, Gilda Mullette also pursued a career in acting. She studied the craft of acting with Stella Adler, who trained many of the 20th century's greatest actors at her school, and she has worked with such notable actors as Marlon Brando, Dudley Moore, and Sylvester Stallone. Ms. Mullette also has experience in choreography, including composing performances for films, nightclub acts, and the National Theatre of the Deaf, among other venues. She has attained experience as a teacher of classical ballet stretching back more than three decades.

In her private life, Gilda Mullette enjoys cooking, especially vegetarian cooking. She focuses on classic French and Italian cuisine as well as the Eastern varieties of Thai and Indian. An active gardener, she grows her own organic food and derives joy from interacting with nature.