Kaye M.

Kaye M. is a twenty-something college student, diversity advocate, intersectional feminist and YA individual.

Kaye has been part of the YA publishing world since 2008, when she first began blogging at Watercolor Moods.

Besides occasionally blogging (and, more often, watching her blog collect dust while she scrambles to stay on top of her courses), Kaye is also a literary agency intern and a former social media intern for book packager Cake Literary.

As a hijaabi Muslim, Kaye is an enthusiastic supporter of diversity in media, especially as it pertains to her life-long love: children's literature.

She was a former member during the original #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign in May 2014 and continues to support the team and their efforts.

She was also a participant during the early 2014 Twitter protest against the controversial and now cancelled pilot for ABC's #AliceinArabia.

Being a participant spawned her own trending hashtag, #NotYourStockMuslim, in which she encouraged other Muslim voices to speak out about the stereotypes that harmed and maligned them, and compare them to their actual experiences.

#NotYourStockMuslim and several enthusiastic participants (including Kaye) were featured on Buzzfeed.

As an intersectional feminist, Kaye is particularly known and controversial as the creator of the viral hashtag #YesAllWomen. It trended internationally on and off for several days after May 24, 2014, and was a response to the crimes of Elliott Rodger.

Due to backlash, death threats and fears for her privacy, Kaye was forced to lock down on the second day #YesAllWomen trended. Nowadays, though, she is open to discussing the experience and remains determined to make the trolls quake in their boots by saying her piece.

At present, Kaye is juggling classes as an English major and answers questions about Muslims at Writing With Color.

She also may or may not moonlight as a magical girl.