Gillian daSilva

Southern Ontario, Canada

Hi I'm Gillian and I love my cozy little day spa business that I started 10 years ago. I am a meditating, tea drinking, 'waking early and getting a hold of the day before it gets a hold of me' kind of gal. It's critical to my happiness. I love encouraging people, because I believe we all need to be encouraged to go full out and be the finest version of ourselves that we can be. The older I get the more I find my voice and settle into this skin that I now love so much. Avocado on sprouted grain toast with chili peppers- best breakfast on Earth. Dogs are the best soulmates. I create social networking masterpieces for Victory Cigars, when I'm not applying masques or polishing nails.

  • Work
    • Esthetician
  • Education
    • College, Life Experience, Previous Failures