Gillian Peterson

East Stroudsburg, Pa

Gillian Peterson is a 30 year old Pocono Real Estate Agent, & blogger. As a mother of a 3 year old boy, she keeps herself very busy. Gillian has a great interest in photography, and spiritualism, with a focus in Reincarnation, and Past Life Recall.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Gillian made the Pocono Mountains her home in 2006 and has never looked back. Gillian is an avid blogger. She has created sites such as the NEPA Real Estate Photo Blog, Sandifers Syndrome, Beyond the Arching, She Know's more, & Past Lives, A Universal Plan, her newest creation. Gillian has an associates degree for Social Science, and is going back to school, to pursue an eventual, Masters for Psychology with a Counseling focus. Gillian has been touched by her regressions, and experiences regarding past lives. She hopes to be able to add incite to the information already available in our present day world.

"There are not enough therapists who are open minded enough to allow a patient to be healed beyond childhood. My hopes are to change this through my future therapeutic practice."

Gillian welcomes supporting comments, and constructive criticism from visitors to her blog. I hope to learn by sharing, and by others sharing!

  • Work
    • Keller Williams Real Estate
  • Education
    • East Stroudsburg University