Gina Smith

Based in San Francisco, Gina Smith is the New York Times best-selling author of Apple founder Steve Wozniak's autobiography iWoz: How I Invented the PC and Had Fun Doing It and several other best-selling books on tech, genomics and psychology. She's also an award-winning sci tech journalist.

She's the editorial director of, led by Gina, John C. Dvorak, Ted Rall and a long list of decorated writers, editors and content producers. aNewDomain is an ad free journalist's site publishing deep dive news commentary, tech how tos, sports analysis and award-winning podcasts and video shows. The 100-member staff of journalists and video producers at aNewDomain also team up to create content as a service for Fortune 250 companies and startups. The team helped launch the Dell's original TechPageOne site and HTC's millennial lifestyle site, BreakingModern.

A new aNewDomain site, the political satire digital magazine, is headed up by Pulitzer finalist, cartoonist and essayist Ted Rall and well-known satirist Dino Londis.

Gina spent years at tech pubs like PC/Computing and PC Week until she became the first tech correspondent on national TV in 1995. For years, she appeared weekly on ABC's Good Morning America, World News Tonight with Peter Jennings and 20/20. She cohosted the overnight news show at ABC with Anderson Cooper for a stint, too.

This explains why Gina's so well known to Americans for her concise, techie and approachable analysis and speeches on science and tech.

A syndicated columnist for such diverse publications as Popular Science, Glamour and the San Francisco Chronicle, Gina's won multiple awards for investigative reporting.

She hosted On Computers with Leo Laporte, served on USC's School of Engineering board and now works to fight online hate speech at, with Andrea Weckerle, Jimmy Wales and Jim Clark.

Gina is represented by the Washington Speakers Bureau and by publishing agent John Brockman.

Email her at and follow her @ginasmith888 and +Gina Smith on Google.

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