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Howdy....Welcome. Glad you stopped by. I'm Gina. I am a simple girl who loves to explore the creative side of life, after all, life is more fun when you play. I have lived in Texas all my life. I come from a small family and have one awesome sister who shares the creative gene. In 2006 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, went through the whole shebang of chemo, surgery and radiation and beat it. In 2014 while on vacation I met the love of my life. We got married and replanted ourselves into a cozy one bedroom cabin in North Central Texas among mesquite trees, lots of cactus and rocks and where the wind always blows. We are Mama and Daddy to two spoiled dogs Maggie Mae and Bobo, an aquarium of fish and a betta fish in a bowl. I am creative, organized and a habitual maker of lists who organizes those lists into smaller lists. Sounds crazy but it works. Brainstorming is something that just happens and usually leads everywhere and nowhere simultaneously and to yet another list of course. I love to read, but only if it will teach me something (no fiction for this girl). I simply need INPUT.Being in the kitchen is one of my biggest passions. I love food. I love cornflower Corningware, wooden spoons and speckled mixing bowls. I am obsessed with cooking shows particularly The Food Network show 'Chopped' and the shows that feature kids cooking and competing. It is so inspiring to see the talent in these young chefs. My cooking style is pretty basic although I do like to experiment with different techniques and ingredients. I am very Blessed to be married to a man that is not a picky eater and puts hot sauce or ketchup on everything so even if I have an 'oops' he would never know it. At first it hurt my feelings but 'moment over'. In my spare time I love to tinker in my small garden where I am growing a vegetables and herbs as well as a stubborn lemon tree. I think it may literally be 'a lemon'.I get high on anything creative from painting and crafts to writing and taking pretty pictures. Flea markets, garage sales and farmers markets are another indescribable source of joy. You never know what you're going to find. Other than food channels I do not watch much television but I do occasionally appreciate a good comedy to make me laugh and a heartwarming love story to make me cry.Inspiration happens every day. Sometimes you have to look a little harder but its there. Take notes. That's me in a Texas sized nutshell. God Bless