Giorgio Ungania


I don’t conform, I look for the opportunities to innovate in everything I do and I like to take risks in trying what has been deemed too difficult by applying unconventional approaches. I am curious, I live online connected to technology quite literally, and I walk the talk all the time. Connecting with customers and audiences is no longer about pushing messages via traditional marketing strategies but it’s about engaging communities connecting them via original crafted content. I hold more than 20 years of experience in various aspects of media production and creative technology, with a particular understanding of the new media models. In MENA I have collaborated with world cutting edge technology driven companies such as TED Conferences and Apple and I have the experience required to guide, mentor and build new technology based initiatives. I have also worked closely with Government entities in UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Jordan developing and leading new media oriented activities. Currently Senior Manager for Dubai Expo 2020 I love Dubai to bits while living on the grid, almost 24/7. So, what's next?

  • Work
    • Senior Manager Dubai Expo 2020