Giovanni Matteo Angeli

Artist, Director, and Social Media Manager in Midlothian, Virginia, USA

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An accomplished financial professional, Giovanni Matteo Angeli has worked in a variety of capacities in a wide range of industries, giving him extensive industry knowledge and experience that he puts to work for his clients. For a financial technology startup called LASER Credit Access, Gino Matteo Angeli serves as Director of Business Development. An independent software vendor, this company is also a Salesforce partner. The company develops a variety of applications that allow lenders to access credit report data from Salesforce. An automated credit attribute decisioning engine that allows underwriters to extract more value from each report so that they can manage the complete credit process workflow was under Gino's direction for the new application.

Gino Angeli has become a Salesforce expert because to his dedication to remaining up to date on business trends. While working to build his company's collaborations with several other industry entities to continually improve the marketing strategy by producing new applications that users can benefit from, he has earned the Salesforce User Experience (UX) Designer Certification.

Giovanni Matteo Angeli is a well-known Salesforce developer, but he's also a successful entrepreneur. A new social networking platform has been created by him based on his experience as an application designer. During the last six years, he's been focusing on the disconnect between online social networks and in-person gatherings. In spite of this, he recognizes that many individuals are looking for ways to convert their online relationships to the real world. Users may now add their events on an interactive map thanks to his creative thinking. Then, with the aid of geolocation, users will be able to see exactly where these occurrences occurred. For individuals who want to cultivate their online friendships in person, they can now discover where their online buddies are congregating.