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Girlfriends Productions

Girlfriends Productions

Social Media is the most effective platform for Brands and Traditional Media outlets to engage with a targeted audience.

Via New Media strategies, Brands can connect with millions who are looking to be empowered and entertained. However, without incorporating effective strategies and techniques with the right network of influence, many Traditional Media platforms fall flat when using Social Media.

Girlfriends Productions will creatively strategize to globally expand your reach into the millions so that your newspaper, magazine, television show, live event and brand virally explodes via global reach.

With cutting edge marketing strategies that document success, our mission is to promote, enhance and merge Traditional Media with Social Media. While many brands, magazines and television shows boast 1.2 million in viewership, we can reach that 10 times over and then some in 1 day.

If you want to find out how we can help you connect your Brand andTraditional Media platform with MILLION, conact us TODAY!