Anthony O'Flaherty

Senior Consultant, Chairperson, and Trainer in Darwin, Australia

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I'm a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professional working with Esri Australia. I have a broad range of interests which provide me the mechanism to explore GIS Science and Technology in various ways. I am particularly interested in spatial statistics and visualisation and as a result, proficient in many different desktop processes. More recently I have become focussed on Web GIS, particulalry through the ArcGIS Online platform, where complex processes can be effectively and efficiently delivered to stakeholders. I particularly like the concept of Story Maps.

I have 10 years experience in the Vocational Education & Training sector where I was able to refine my skills and knowledge in the training sector, whilst also gaining valuable experience within secondary schooling and higher education contexts, including Steiner education. I am currently the Chair of Milkwood Steiner School Association.

It was my time at TAFE that provided the opportunity to gain valuable field skills in GNSS and topographic surveying.

My experiences and qualifications in science, GIS, data acquisition and education & training mean that I am able to approach new challenges with a unique perspective.

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  • Work
    • Esri Australia
  • Education
    • Flinders University
    • TAFE South Australia
    • Charles Darwin University