Gaurav Jain

Boston, MA

I'm fascinated by incredible companies I meet and get to help through my role as an investor at Founder Collective. A few investments I've been involved include Firebase, Kinsa Health, ThriveHive, Tulip Retail and more...

Prior, I was an early Product Manager for Android and received a Founders Award (highest employee award at Google) for some of the stuff I had the privilege to work on. I'm also a Co-founder of Polar Mobile which has raised $9 million in equity financing and has over 20 million users.

I'm passionate about entrepreneurship. I Co-founded Impact Entrepreneurship Group in college which now is one of the largest student-run non-profits in Canada.

I was born in India but raised in both India and Canada. I love traveling -- visited 34 and lived in 5 countries so far.

Enough with the resume. Friends say I am also fun in person. Hi :)

  • Work
    • Founder Collective
  • Education
    • Harvard Business School, MBA
    • University of Waterloo, Software Engineering