Georgi Kamov

Educational entrepreneur, innovation consultant, and design thinking expert in Sofia, Bulgaria

I am an educational entrepreneur, innovation consultant and design thinking expert, based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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📚 Co-founder of Red Paper Plane, an education social enterprise creating design thinking projects for kids, parents and teachers.

🦆 Co-founder of Sofia Bird Walks, an initiative to get thousands of people excited about birds and birdwatching.

🎯 Innovation consultant with 11-year experience in managing projects on new and existing products and services, customer experience and corporate culture.

🎨 Design thinking expert with 6-year experience in running trainings, leading design sprints and coaching teams.

📣 Motivational speaker with over 50 appearances at conferences, workshops and seminars, including 4 TEDx events.

🏛 Interested in social innovation, social entrepreneurship, public service innovation, wellbeing & quality of life policies.

🇪🇺 Expert on EU's foreign and neighbourhood policies.


📩 Get in touch at [email protected]