Gladstone Grant

Gladstone currently leads the national Specialist Team Unit (STU) at Microsoft Canada, with the mandate of driving solution sales through knowledge of customer pains and opportunities and the ways in which different technologies can overcome these challenges and impact their respective businesses.

Gladstone's organization provides an innovative portfolio of solution that spans multiple technologies and presents a solution vision and leadership for customers and partners of Microsoft's technology roadmap.

Gladstone is also responsible for ensuring that Corporate
Initiatives and Sales Priority campaigns are implemented in conjunction with
Marketing and Partners, and delivering on the national workload/solution area

Gladstone previous role was the Vice-President of the Microsoft Canada Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE) Group, and a member of the Canadian Leadership Team at Microsoft.

The DPE organization helps Canadian Developers, IT professionals, Indepent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Students create the next wave of innovation using the Microsoft platform.

DPE also makes significant investments in growing the skills
of Canada’s IT professionals and helps them build solutions and applications for PCs, Slates, Mobile Phone, Web and Cloud Computing.

Previously, Gladstone was a Practice Manager in the Services organization, responsible for the business leadership and sales of Service Line solutions.

Prior to Microsoft Gladstone had a number of roles at Price Waterhouse, Bank of Bermuda and IBM.

Outside of work, Gladstone enjoys a number of sports, traveling, and giving back to the community