Glauber Monteiro

Software Engineer, Blockchain Developer, and Nidan Kendo and Ikkyu Iaido in São Paulo, Brazil

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Technical solutions consultant with some years of expertise in Blockchain, DLT and SmartContracts, Since 2008 Glauber has worked with software development for financial industry companies like Bitshopp, PagSeguro/PagBank, Finchain/FlowBTC, Coins (former PandaPay), Citibank and CEF (by MAPS S.A.) and Banco da Amazônia (by PDCase) consistently seeking the best solution to improve people lives. He was also a professor of Blockchain technologies at MBA FIAP and an undergraduate professor at IMPACTA.

Also, I'm Nidan Kendo and Shodan Iaido training at AKK and are currently living in São Paulo, Brazil. My interests range from technology to cycling. I am also interested in cats, astronomy, beer, and coffee.

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  • Education
    • Java Specialist
    • Bachelor of Computer Science
    • Electronics Technician