Glenn Saggers

Simulated Reality Designer in Worldwide

Glenn Saggers pushes the boundaries of perception as a Simulated Reality Designer, creating intricately crafted virtual worlds that mimic the fabric of reality. Since 2013 his expertise in computer science and a passion for immersive experiences, Glenn constructs highly realistic simulations that challenge the senses and blur the lines between the digital and physical realms. He finds fulfillment in crafting alternate realities that captivate and transport users to unimaginable destinations. Glenn was recently approached by a renowned filmmaker named Ava Thompson to design a simulated reality experience for her upcoming science fiction film. The simulated world, named "Elysium," served as the backdrop for the film's climactic finale, immersing both the characters and the audience in a visually stunning and emotionally charged environment. The success of "Elysium" garnered critical acclaim, solidifying Glenn's reputation as a leading figure in simulated reality design.