Glen Woodfin

Glen Woodfin is an expert in online reputation management clearing the first few pages of a Google search of the negative for corporations or individuals.

Mr. Woodfin also is frequent speaker at corporate events providing search engine optimization strategies for the company as well as their affiliates. He recently was contacted by to make a proposal to speak to their sales and customer support staff to talk about the power of select domain name extensions and how they affect seo ranking with the Google algorithm.

In addition to contracting with billion dollar corporations, he enjoys helping small local businesses reach the number one position for their primary keywords in a search. For small businesses that are fearfull of spending resources on a service they don't understand, he puts them on affordable plans whereas they can test the waters. He says, "Once they see the results, they get more aggressive with seo because my service pays for itself with new business. It gives me great satisfaction beyond the money because I've always admired entrepreneurs and small businesses which are the lifeblood of the American spirit and economy."

From his home office in 2010, he took one client's site to the top of the search engines for phrases involving the Chelsea Clinton wedding. Single handedly he added 80,000 views a day with a brand new site while beating the New York Times, the Washington Post, People Magazine, the Huffington Post and the Wall Street Journal. He topped every site and media outlet for the keyword phrases associated with Chelsea Clinton.

In 2012, Glen was the Online Marketing and SEO consultant to one of the Presidential Candidates.

Woodfin embraces custom self hosted WordPress blogs as one of the pillars of building a solid web presence for all his clients large and small. He favors what he calls a hybrid where one creates several static pages that have the appearance of the best of a custom html website while featuring one link in the navigation bar leading to a page featuring the blog. He believes this platform is one of the best ways to interact with their audience.

Woodfin has been living on his charming farm in the Carolinas with his pets and in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He enjoys clearing his head by riding his motorcycle in the Smokey mountains, bicycling and having coffee with friends. For adventure, he bicycled across America from coast to coast.