Global Personal Voice Data Interface

coordinator in Harlech, United Kingdom

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It's like having someone always on your side who understands what you are talking about and can do something about whatever you want... if you want it to.

It's been possible for over a decade now, initially using technology from a Cambridge, UK, firm, Autonomy Ltd (They repeatedly said, and showed, that they could do it!)

Now there are a number of core technologies that place full Artificial Intelligence into the hands of everyday folk - HPAutonomy, IBMWatson,, Darpa DeepDive, etc

Siri has just been empowered by IBMWatson and Amazon has Echo, a voice controlled speaker that listens, understands and 'does'.

Thank you to the 1% for putting in place ALL the technology, and resources needed for giving the 99% the tools to rebalance and upgrade the Global society so that it works well for us all.

This can be built NOW
Language Independent – understands any language,
voice driven – it listens to you speak your wants, needs, etc,
with full Analytics to comprehend levels of stress, belief, education, etc, and responding in kind,

capable of combining individual voices into a group based on the beliefs of the individual in the context of Human Rights,

a full understanding of ‘The Gatekeeper’ role in Society and a system for rebalancing these individuals so that they are more positive in their ways of helping societies grow into more positive minded collections of Right Minded individuals,

act as an interface between individuals, their chosen way of life, and the society and its ways and needs,

built from its core up to allow an individual complete personal autonomy if at all possible,

spots government legislation, both extant and proposed, that is based on personal bigotries, phobias, etc and removes those laws etc, especially if they impose one groups bigotries on another,

capable of sorting out faster, more accurate forms of help for any situation through the use of any and all of the resources reachable via the internet. This goes from deeply personal help to help in Global disasters,

highly secure – the individual owns their own data – and only they have access to it, unless they allow otherwise,

and more

Coordinate what you already have far better for those of us that want to use more of it to make life work better


  • Work
    • Balancing work and home life
  • Education
    • Life Long Learning
    • Finding the right pathways